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Product Description

Automotive V-belt is a transmission belt used to drive components such as cooling fans, generators, compressors, etc. Here is some information about fan v belt in cars:

1. The role of the V-belt: the Toothed V-belt is mainly used to drive the car engine cooling fan, generator, compressor, power steering pump and other components to ensure that the vehicle maintains normal temperature, power supply and hydraulic power during operation.

2.Cogged V-belt replacement: With the increase of driving mileage, the V-belt may suffer from wear, aging, cracking and other problems, which need to be checked and replaced regularly. It is usually recommended to check the condition of the V-belt during vehicle maintenance and replace it as needed.

3. Fan-belt tension adjustment: When installing V-belt, it is necessary to ensure that it has appropriate tension. If the tension is too loose, it may cause the transmission to slip and wear. If the tension is too tight, it may lead to premature wear and fracture of the V-belt.

4. Car drive belt maintenance: In daily maintenance, attention should be paid to keeping the V-belt and pulley clean to avoid being contaminated with oil, dust and other impurities. If there is oil, use neutral detergent to wipe.


The advantages of Longyi Automobile V-belt are as follows:

1. Efficient transmission: Automotive V-belt has a high transmission efficiency, which can effectively transfer power from the engine to auxiliary equipment, such as generators, compressors, etc.

2. Shock and noise reduction: the V-belt can effectively reduce noise and vibration during the transmission process and improve the comfort of the vehicle.

3. Easy installation and maintenance: the cogged belt is easy to install, simple maintenance, and does not require frequent adjustment of tension.

4. Strong durability: Automobile V-belt is made of high-quality materials, has a long service life, and reduces maintenance costs.

5. Strong adaptability: fan belt can adapt to different working conditions and load requirements, suitable for a variety of models and equipment.

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