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Timing Belt

1. Function: the timing belt ensures the normal operation of the engine.
2. Type: time gage with a variety of types, neoprene material time gage belt, hydrogenated butyric material time gage belt Different materials in performance, durability and scope of application there are differences.
3. Replacement cycle: the service life of the time strip is usually closely related to the material of the time strip, and the specific replacement cycle can be determined according to the type of the time strip, the use environment and the maintenance status.
4. Inspection and maintenance: In daily maintenance, attention should be paid to the wear, aging and cracks of the belt during inspection. If any abnormality is found, replace it in time.
5. Replacement method: When replacing the gauge belt, it is necessary to operate in accordance with the method suggested by the manufacturer. It is usually necessary to remove the corresponding engine parts and use professional tools to adjust the tension wheel.


The timing belts produced by the Longyi factory have the following characteristics:

1.High-quality materials: The use of high-quality neoprene rubber, polyurethane and other materials, with high wear resistance, heat resistance and weather resistance.
2. Precision manufacturing: The use of advanced equipment and technology to ensure high tooth precision and effectively improve transmission efficiency.
3. Durability: It has a long service life and reduces maintenance costs.
4. Strong adaptability: can adapt to different working conditions and load requirements, suitable for a variety of models and equipment.
5. Shock and noise reduction: in the transmission process can effectively reduce noise and vibration, improve the comfort of the vehicle.
6. Easy installation: Quick installation design, easy maintenance and replacement.
7. Perfect after-sales service: We provide perfect after-sales service, including technical support and replacement guarantee.


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